Christina Duffy, MA, LMFT

ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD 596001)​​

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT CA 86699)


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Love & relationships

PTSD & complex trauma

Emotional disturbance
Anger management
Healthy boundaries
Self-worth & self-esteem

Coping skills



Depression & grief

Anxiety & stress​

DID (Dissociative Identity)

Spiritual & transformational​

​​ ASD-Expert & Certified Autism Spectrum (ASDCS 154909)

​I am driven about empowering neurodiversity… embracing our differences, overcoming challenges, and thriving in this neurotypical world.

Neurodivergency can be a source of strength, contributing to our unique perspectives and potential for growth. 

As a 54 yr old Neurodivergent LMFT, I understand the challenges and struggles that can come with living in a neurotypical world.

About Me

With over a decade of counseling experience (since 2008), I've helped countless clients achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

I have multiple certifications and am considered an expert in the Autism Spectrum. Certifications include ADHD, ASDCS, EFT, NLP, Self Hypnoisis, Burnout, Meditation, Life Purpose Coaching, EFT, and Hospice.

As a highly emotionally intelligent and intuitive person (Heyoka Empath), I am acutely attuned to the emotions, thoughts, and behavioral patterns of my clients, making me a skilled and empathetic listener.

​My empath abilities allow me to assist my clients in processing and healing from distress and finding greater fulfillment in their lives, especially through teletherapy.

Over the past 36 years, my passion for personal growth and development has led me to deeply immerse myself in intensive spiritual and psychological work.

I continue to expand my knowledge and expertise through my obsession with personal growth and development, as well as my own transcendent experiences, enabling me to effectively facilitate transformation and change.

One transcendent experience includes a near death drowning where I spoke with a Santa Claus looking God and received a message to share, which is written by Robert (Bob) Coppes, PhD in his latest book, Impressions of Near Death Experiences. The message I was told to share was, "Loved, be loved, just be, experience life."  It is in the 7/7 section in Dr. Coppes's book.

It is a privilege for me to guide my clients in finding solutions to life's challenges and in learning to live more authentically and joyfully. I bring warmth and humor to my work, creating a safe and supportive environment.

Because I have the ability to choose different schools of thought and put them together in a new way, I will always look for techniques and methods of techniques to find the right one in any given moment. 

So, I will take things out of juxtaposition and put them together in a different way to get the result you want. This is a real gift I have that benefits my clients.

My neurodivergent counseling focus on matters of the heart and relationship issues. I guide my clients towards self-love, joy, empowerment, motivation, and inspiration, while providing them with tools and options to help create success and change.

I give my clients the options to create change in their lives. When they want to step through the doors and use the tools I teach them, they have more options to create the change in their life. I believe they can and I help empower them by not doing it for them but by showing them how to do it for themselves.

In addition to my private practice, I am the President and Founder of River Rock Counseling, a non-profit where I offer pro bono and reduced-fee services, as well as community workshops on healthy personal boundaries, since 2008.

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