Clairvoyant abilities

​Precognitive To sense or perceive or even predict future events

Retrocognition: The sense to see past occurrences

Remote viewing: To see present events occurring beyond the range of one’s normal perception​​​

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About Me

I am 53 years old and since 1987, I have developed and advanced my intuitive, empathic and clarvoyant abilities with the help of the Berkeley Psychic Insititute's Clarvoyant Program and other special training programs. I'm currently retraining with the CIA Gateway Process, I'm becoming cerified as a Self Hypnosis Practitioner, and I am a life-long and frequent "Experiencer."

I'm highly emotionally intelligent, which makes me highly sensitive and keenly insightful to the emotions, thoughts, and behavior patterns of my clients as well as being a naturally good listener. Because I have these abilities, I can help my clients process and heal from distress and find more fulfillment in life even through tele-therapy.  

For 35 years, due to my continual obsession with personal growth, learning, and developing my intuitive abilities, I have been deeply immersed in intensive spiritual and psychological work. I've continued my education and growth through seminars, workshops, and spiritual retreats as well as my own transcendent experiences, which have increased my ability to understand ways to enable transformation and change. 

Since 2008, I've been in private practice providing counseling and coaching services via phone, video and in-person sessions using a brief/short term approach. Counseling is a passion of mine and I feel privileged to help my clients. I enjoy working collaboratively to assist them in finding solutions to life's challenges and in learning how to live life more authentically and with greater joy.

I bring warmth and humor to my work and it is important to me to make sure my clients feel safe and valued. And, although I have been told I instill motivation and inspiration in others, I believe one has only to discover the motivation and inspiration which already resides within.

My counseling focuses on matters of the heart and relationship issues. I guide my clients towards self-love, joy, empowerment, motivation, and inspiration while sharing tools and options to create success and change.

​In addition to my private practice, I am the President and Founder of River Rock Counseling, a non profit counseling agency, where I also offer pro bono and reduced fee services, as well as a community workshop on "personal boundaries."​

Christina Duffy, MA, LMFT

The mastering of technique

I have the ability to choose different schools of thought and put them together in a new way. I will always look for techniques and methods of techniques to find the right one in any given moment. So, I will take things out of juxtaposition and put them together in a different way to get the result you want. This is a real gift I have that benefits my clients.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #86699, CA

Handing tools, opening doors

I give my clients the options to create change in their lives. When they want to step through the doors and use the tools I teach them, they have options to create the change in their life. I believe they can and I help empower them by not doing it for them but by showing them how to do it for themselves.

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Specialty issues


Love & relationships

Spiritual & transformational

PTSD & complex trauma

DID (Dissociative Identity)

Emotional disturbance
Anger management
Healthy boundaries
Self-worth & self-esteem

Coping skills



Depression & grief

Anxiety & stress

Family conflict
Abuse, all forms

Racing thoughts

Borderline Personality

Narcissistic Personalitry