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Indoor vs outdoor transmission

Christina Duffy, MA, LMFT

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Even though office sessions are put on hold, they can be replaced with telehealth sessions (video and phone). Outdoor in-person sessions may be possible as well if being outside is necessary for your therapy process. I am currently looking for an office with open windows and without shared office air.

COVID-19 resources

​Research shows COVID-19 can be transmitted through talking indoors. Indoors, just a ten minute conversation can leave an invisible cloud of micron particles between you and your conversational partner for hours or more. Meaning someone else who comes along can get infected long after a person positive for COVID-19 is done talking.

These aerosol particles are so tiny that they can enter through the gaps of both medical and non-medical face masks. If you’re outside talking, the particles can dissipate quickly especially at a 6+ feet distance but there are still risks (e.g., new research shows that the aerosol particles can be found in air pollution).

COVID-19 & in-person sessions