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Christina Duffy, MA, LMFT

Eco-Therapy / Nature Therapy / Walk & Talk


Scientific evidence proves that time outdoors in nature, especially in green spaces with trees and by water can result in health benefits. I've been providing eco sessions
since 2008.


Blood pressure
Addictive behaviors
Symptoms of ADD/ADH
Symptoms of trauma and PTSD


Feelings of hopefulness
Altruistic feelings
Acts of generosity
Sense of safety
Sense of belonging
Boosts the immune system
Motivation to exercise
Nervous system recovery

What to expect

When you arrive, text me and I'll greet you. I recommend bringing sunglasses, a hat and water.  We can walk and talk or sit where you feel comfortable. I will dress casually to avoid drawing attention.

It can actually be a fun way to have a session! If you feel this is important to your wellbeing, let's work together outside in beautiful nature.


Option 1  (60 min):   $155 /  $140 cash discount

​Option 2  (75 min):   $194 /  $180 cash discount
Option 3  (90 min):   $233 /  $200 cash discount

Waitlist until 12/12/22, reserve a session

Eco-Therapy / Nature Therapy / Walk & Talk


1)  Gateway Park - 2840 Cambridge Rd, Cameron Park, CA 95682

Quiet neighborhood setting

Picnic tables with shade

Pets welcome

Walking path

Has a little water stream

Free parking

2)  Cameron Park Lake - 2989 Cambridge Road, Cameron Park, CA 95682

Quiet neighborhood setting

Picnic tables with shade and sitting benches

Gazebo with a snack bar

1 mile loop walk path around the lake

$3 park fee ​(free parking in neighborhood)